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Show Attire

LES Audio Visual branded attire is required for all shows, including setups and strike, unless otherwise noted. Freelancers can inquire about non-LESAV attire on a case by case basis. 

LESAV Polos, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Quarter-Zips are all acceptable for setup, shows, and strikes.

Unless otherwise mentioned, LESAV T-Shirts are NOT acceptable for show days.

Regardless of position, the following are NEVER permitted:

  • Colors of any kind on shirts, pants, shoes, accessories

  • Reflective material 

  • Brand logos or designs of any kind

  • Company attire other than LESAV

LESAV attire can be provided if you do not have any. Please fill out the form below to request attire. 

NOTE: You will be provided no more than the following free of charge:

  • (2) T-Shirts

  • (2) Polos

  • (1) Sweatshirt

  • (1) Quarter-Zip

Thanks for submitting!

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