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From Studio to "Live"

The polish of studio, the engagement of live.

Capturing Every Moment: Professional Video Production & Livestreaming

Media and Event Streaming

For more than 5 years, LES Audio Visual has been at the forefront of capture and broadcast across industries, from streaming corporate conferences, to producing music streams on social media amassing millions of views. Taking our clients events to the virtual realm is no longer just a value-add, but a necessity. If nothing else, the Covid-19 Pandemic showed us and out clients that audiences are craving high engagement virtual events that bridge the gap between in person and remote experiences. In a world where engagement is key, your first priority should be understanding what hybrid can do for you.

Video Production

Beyond streaming, we are also veteran content producers. We have experience producing content for major brands in the fitness space, content for social media stars, music videos, NPO outreach videos, and more. Let us help you develop your vision, be your hands on set, and walk you through post production. We do it all! 


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