We specialize in comprehensive production solutions for events of any size.

The caliber of an event is based on the sum of its pieces.

Let us enhance those pieces so you and your guests can focus on whatever it is that brings you together



Audio is the arguably the most important part of any production. With our top-notch equipment and skilled crews, we can supply the audio infrastructure to accommodate corporate meetings, full theatrical performances, and live music, on any scale. Through enhanced preproduction and planning, we can amplify your message clearly and effectively, regardless of the location or acoustical limitations.


If you cant see your performer or speaker, how can you expect your message to be conveyed effectively? We can custom design a lighting rig to accentuate the nuances of your performance and highlight the theme of your event. Equipment is just the beginning; for an efficient lighting setup, expertise is what sets us apart. Let us put your event in a good light and bring your vision to life.


From multi-cam video capture, live-streaming, and switching for live events, to projector, TV and video wall installations, we have the knowledge to capture and present your idea to your audience. In a time where visual media is king, let us help you captivate your attendees and leave a lasting impact on them through creative approaches to media transmission and capture.